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a history to tell and a desire to create.

How are ya?

Around me are a pile of novels including those by Faulkner, Austen, Fitzgerald, and Shelley, a stand for my laptop, several Harry Potter page clips, Strunk Jr. and E.B. Whites The Elements of Style lays open and beating like a heart, an apple core, a cup of coffee and my journal. And despite the direction these objects afford me, I can not say for certain what I am ever doing to move forward or why. The novels teach, the coffee caffeinates, the apple core — well, decomposes.

I hold in potential a world of characterization before my very eyes and within this economical draft of an “About Me” page, I must assert I know precious little about how to go about writing on it. I know very little about this whole website-writing business at all. I consider myself an amateur using big words in opportunistic ways. And despite the resources available to me, I find the root of the matter, for a part of me wishes to give a good impression immediately, is that I can only effuse truth in my reality through the description of objects I surround myself with, the clothes I wear, and the thoughts I choose to yield as vulnerability to you. These and more can be found within the “Blog” page of this website.

Literature, including the works of Woolf, Homer, and Morrison, is a passion which I aim to cultivate a basis of knowledge from. I am a student to the battlefield of sentences and words fought for by masters. I am a sibling, a son in a family of six. I enjoy clementines to oranges. I persist that my poetry has an effect given a scarce level of editing. I share my first drafts too often. I adore verbosity and purple prose given my admonition to lacking the necessary skill at discerning which is better to have and where. This, I hope, is enough to suppose of my character a handful of assumptions, qualities, and a marginal impression of my disposition. Thank you for reading! I sincerely appreciate your attention and wish you an enjoyable stay.


Brian Russell

Writer and Artist



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